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Let us make you a musician!

Whether you want to learn Piano in 10 Minutes (click here for more), or if you want to learn 10 songs on guitar with a single trick you can learn in 30 minutes (click here) we can do all that and more for you!

Play 10 Songs in 15 Minutes

We are now officially re-opening our "free 30 minute lesson" offer, where you get to come and get a free lesson, and see the effectiveness of our way of teaching, before you commit to anything!

You can contact us by filling in the form by pressing the "contact" button, or just send us an SMS text message, and we can get back to you!

-Learn to play Piano in 10 Minutes - From Scratch


Learn Piano in 10 Minutes, Both Hands from Scratch, For Free!

Learn Piano Fast and Free!

-Learn 10 Guitar songs in 30 Minutes from Scratch


-What Makes Us Different (and why you will love us)



We are Now on Youtube

Check out our Youtube to see what students and teachers of the academy are up to! There will be videos added all the time, so keep an eye on our channel!!


To stay on on our site, take this link, and you will be taken to a place to give your ears some pleasure!

Below is a List of Our Courses ... Enjoy!

Electric Guitar Lessons:

*Available in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish and German.

I promise you - you are

TOTALLY spoilt for choice when it comes to Guitar Lessons with the Belfast Music Academy! We have our general (beginner, intermediate and advanced) courses, we have Rockschool graded courses, amd we have specialist courses, like the Jimi Hendrix course, our Blues and Funk Courses, and we also have Rock, Metal, Punk, and Emo Courses, we could even do Jazz ... and ... even country! We also offer Acoustic Guitar Lessons!

CLICK HERE to see what we can offer you!

Bass Guitar Lessons:

*Available in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish and German.

Whether you want to play funk bass, metal, or even cool Jazz, we have something for everyone in our bass lessons! Please do ask us for more details, or come from a free lesson! You can click below to read more about our general bass courses!

General Courses:

Modern Piano and Keyboard Lessons



What can we say other than - We LOVE piano at the Belfast Music Academy! We have many years of experience in piano, and you're likely to be taught by someone with over 20 years' experience in Piano! Not only do we teach RockSchool grades in Piano, but we also teach our own EXCLUSIVE courses! These courses will make you very good, very quickly! So please click on the link below to see what we can do for you in Piano!

Please CLICK HERE for full details of our Amazing Courses!

Drum Lessons Belfast

We have Drum staff on hand in the Belfast Music Academy to teach a whole host of drumming styles from general rock, to Jazz, to any other modern style you can think of! Why not throw yourself a rhythmic challenge with some drum lessons!

General Courses:

Academic Courses

Rockschool Grade 1-8 in Drums (Click Here)

Specialist Courses:

If you have any special course you'd like to see listed here, or if you'd like to adapt any of the courses for the other instruments above -- or indeed, if you'd like to just have a special course just for you, please do contact us and we'll

get for you with a great course!


Any mentioned discounts are strictly limited both by time and by availability of tutors. We reserve the right to end any promotional period/offer or sale should we be fully booked, even if it is before the "closing" date of the sale/promotion.

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Registered Limited Company NI603053

Director - Thomas J Lorimer.

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