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Beginner Course FAQ

The Beginners' Course is a 10 week plan where you get 10 lessons - of 45 Mins each, and you practise for 15-30 minutes per day. The course is designed to bring you to your goals! Read on for full information!

What Songs Can I play?

Videos Below - Check them out for an idea of the level you'll be at by the end of the course. You will be put in a grade depending on your natural ability, and whether you are a complete beginner, or a novice with a bit of experience!

Scroll down below to see some vids of what you can learn.

As you will see from those videos - you can rock out even as a beginner!

Who is the course for?

There are generally 2 groups of people who will take this course. Either

1) Those who know a little bit of the instrument and want to learn properly

2) Absolute Beginners!

Both are welcome to this course!

How Long do the lessons last?

All our lessons last for 45 min! It's very hard to get anything done in less time than that. Anything more than 45 mins is overkill. 45 Mins, is the best for anyone over 12 years old.

One to One or classroom?

We teach our students one-to-one, so you get completely tailored tutoring. The lessons go at your pace, and the practice work given is completely tailored to your requirements.

What makes a good music course?

Click here for the full article!

We know all about how to make musicians from scratch. We have had students join us as beginners, and go on to be professional musicians, and even gain chart success.

We teach either for fun, where you learn without the structure of a 'grade', OR if you're looking to gain a qualification, we can teach you towards grades, but still play modern, pop and rock songs [from this syllabus]

What does the course Cover?

First and foremost, you learn songs. Songs you like. Songs that'll make you excited. Songs that'll impress your friends and make you feel accomplished.

You'll also learn: -

-Chords and Keys

-Minor and Major


-Putting it together and making music

-Reading Music

-Ear Training

-Working onperformance pieces

-Preparation for intermediate level

What will I need?

You will need an instrument to practise on!

You will need an open mind

You will need to practice between 15-30 mins per day!

If you are working towards grades, you will also need to get a book towards the exam. We can direct you in this.

Other than that, your teacher will take responsibility for making you a musician!

What does it cost?

£217 [ or alternatively £25 per lesson] for a whole 10 pack of lessons, to bring you from scratch, or beginner, to intermediate level! It's an excellent investment in yourself as a musician!

You can believe us when we tell you that the only similar course in Belfast would cost you around £350 - and often a LOT more than that. So, our course is really a bargain!

It is the best course on the market in Belfast at the moment for preparing you to be a musician. At this price it's no surprise that it's a very popular course choice!

What will you realistically be able to play at the end [video]?

It depends, but it's definitely possible to be able to play to the following standards after the course.

Guitar :

-I Love Rock n Roll

I Love Rock 'n Roll

Example of what you can play in our Beginner Course.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

You can learn this in our beginner course [apart from the solo of course]



Example of what some of our students can do within their first 10 beginner lessons


Let it Be beginners and Pachelbel's Canon

Things you can learn in the beginner course early on.

Where are lessons held?

After you complete your beginner course, you will want to move on to bigger and more advanced territory! Why not check out our "Intermediate Course"? Imagine yourself as an intermediate player!

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