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Is My Kid Too Young To Learn A Musical Instrument?

If your son or daughter is between 6-8 years old... You're probably asking: Is my child too young to learn music?

If I get my younger child guitar/piano lessons, Will it be a waste of money and time?

All parents can relate to that. We need to know if something is right for our children before we enrol them in any hobby.

We are very familiar with this at the Belfast Music Academy. Our specialist tutors have seen hundreds... probably thousands... of kids, like yours. This is great news for you and your child, as we're able to easily tell you whether now or later

is a good time for your kids to start learning.

That's why we offer a free, no-obligation, no-risk 30 minute trial lesson where your child can test the instruments and

music. We'll give you a specialist opinion on whether your child is ready to start lessons yet.This is excellent news for

you and your child, and best of all, it's Free.

So, while we still have some slots, please fill in the form on the side of this page and let us know when suits for the lessons, and one of our specialist team members will give you a call.



The Honest Truth

Revealed ...

Let us know about you and your child, and we'll get you booked in for a free 30 minute session with us

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