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Give us 15 Minutes, we will teach you 10 guitar songs, FOR FREE, and FROM SCRATCH!

Play 10 Songs in 15 Minutes

10 Songs in 15 minutes?

I know that's a BIG, and bold statement, but we really mean it. If you are starting from scratch on guitar, we can get you playing - in 15 minutes.

You will sound so much better than the majority of beginners, and ... all you'll be learning is a trick!

What we do ask though is, give us 30 mins, we'll meet with you free, teach you the trick to play these 10 tunes, and ... then, if you like it, hey, maybe you'll want to come to us for proper lessons...

If you can learn 10 songs in 15 minutes, just imagine what you can do with real lessons?

Don't take our word for it! Just Book your free lesson! Fill in the Form Below, or give us a text on 07715103753 ... and we'll get you in at a time that suits you!

Before you do that, I encourage you to check out the links on the sidebar about our difference, what our students say, and what we're all about!


Talk to you soon!

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