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Tutor Information/Registration Page

At Belfast Music Academy at the moment we are recruiting sessional tutors who are

-good with their instrument

-good with people

-reliable and professional

-have a mature and realistic idea of what to expect as a music tutor

-a genuine love of their instrument and teaching it


What we intend to do for the successful applicants are:

-Provide you with a steady flow of students (albeit part time)

-Equip you with any training necessary to do your job

-Help get you any information you need on any matter (As long as we can)


The job:

-Part time , no minimum or maximum number of hours. The number of students you teach will be based on your circumstances, business needs, and market conditions

-Self Employed (most instrumental music tutors work this way, and many feel it's in their favour)  

-You will also be expected to do some routine marketing duties (such as occasional videos, or teaching some groupon/voucher students), in the knowledge, this will overall increase your income and student list, so it's a good thing!


Overall, we want the Belfast Music Academy to be the place where people have a great, happy and enjoyable experience. We don't want people to feel nervous like they're going to the dentist! We want them going out of our studio feeling better than when they arrived. We teach our students what they want to learn, and in a fun way. We have a laugh together with our students, because people would rather learn from someone they enjoy spending time with, than a boring tutor who clock-watches.

Please look over our site, friend us on Facebook if you haven't already, check out our YouTube channel and see what we're all about.

Also, please fill in the required information below.


Music Tutor Form Please enter your Name

Please enter your full address

What styles are you comfortable with playing and teaching (be honest)

What Experience do you have in teaching your instrument? Please be as descriptive as possible

Is there anything you would need from us - help - to be confident in teaching (please let us know what) or are you completely ready to get stuck in?

Do you currently have a job? (If so could you please give some information ie: Job Title, number of hours work)

What hours would you be free to teach?

We are always eager to promote specialists ... Do you have any specialty (musical or teaching wise)

What teaching/education experience do you have, in teaching an instrument (or another subject)? Please be fairly detailed.

Do you have performing/gigging experience? Please describe.

Date of Birth

Any other relevant comments?

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