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Welcome to Audio and Video Heaven!

Yes, this page represents the Youtube Page of the Belfast Music Academy!

On here you'll see what our students are doing, and some of our tutors, plus, all sorts of wee nifty things that will help you all through your musical journey. ENJOY!

Some of Our Students and Tutors

Tutor: Gazz performing "Fusion"

Tutor, Gazz performing an advanced (Grade 8) piece called Fusion

Learn Piano in 10 Minutes, Both Hands from Scratch, For Free!

You can learn how to play awesome Rock and Roll in 10 Mins!

Tutor: Gazz performing -Enter Sandman by Metallica

This is Gazz, tutor with Belfast Music Academy performing the hugely popular Metal Hit, Enter Sandman by Metallica

Tutor Tom: Virtual Insanity - short snippet!

Belfast Music Academy - Tutor Gerard Barr with "Time is Running Out"

G Teaches on the weekends in Belfast Music Academy, and he loves his Muse ...Song: Muse: "Time Is Running Out"For High Quality Lessons in Belfast in Guitar, Bass, Drums or Piano/Keyboard, go t...

Piano Tutor Tom: Rockin the Gospel!

Also Enjoy Listening to some of our students below ... more is available on our Youtube page!

Aisdee Playing Graceville

Student of the Aisdee plays Graceville from the Grade 5 Rockschool Piano book! Enjoy!

Cameran's Grade 6 - PMA

Cameran plays Rockschool Grade 6 tune PMA on his awesome Jackson Guitar! Enjoy (congrats on passing)

8 year old Mia Librojo, plays her own composition

Enjoy as Mia shares one of her unique own songs....

zz top style pentatonic improvisation.

Student Daniel Rocking out with a zz top style pentatonic improvisation. Tutor Gazz is providing the chords in the background! Want to learn how to do little things like this? Give us a shout!

michael hanna playing his own composition

metal head student Michael Hanna playing one of his own compositions.

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Registered Limited Company NI603053

Director - Thomas J Lorimer.

Student: Dom Lacaba Rocking on Guitar

Student Dom playing a Rhythm rock song on Epi Les Paul ...

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