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Studying for Grade Exams at Belfast Music Academy!

We at Belfast Music Academy Ltd. offer you the opportunity to undertake grade exams with Rockschool in Piano/Keyboards and modern Rock guitar!

We teach you - and then, you can take your exam in Rockschool's Belfast exam centre.

Rockschool is an examining board in graded music exams and also offers performance certificates. They are a subsidiary of Trinity board. These are the exams you can take if you would like to work towards a qualification with the lessons being provided by Belfast Music Academy.


Above is an example of a Grade 8 Piece played by Max who teaches Guitar at the Belfast Music Academy!

From Rockschool's


Grade Exams:

are for students who want to develop performance and technical skills. A graded examination is made up of the following components:

-A performance of either three pieces from the Rockschool syllabus book or two pieces from the book and one free choice piece.

-Technical exercises

-A choice of sight reading, improvisation and interpretation or a Quick Study Piece

-Ear Tests

-General Musicianship tests

The Unique thing about Rockschool is that it allows you to get these graded certificates in styles of music that you're more likely to enjoy than the traditional classical music!

UCAS POINTS for University Entry:

From Rockschool's Website:

"Rockschool's Grade 6, 7 & 8 exams count towards UCAS points which help with entry to university. The number of points the candidate will receive is based on their Grade and mark. . . .

Grade 8

Distinction 75

Merit 70

Pass 55

Grade 7

Distinction 60

Merit 55

Pass 40

Grade 6

Distinction 45

Merit 40

Pass 25"

So if you're going to be looking into starting university within the next couple of years, the above may be of interest to you - the fact that the grade 6,7 and 8 exams, will contribute to your UCAS points, and therefore strengthen your application to university! If you have any questions about any of these, please either contact Belfast Music Academy, or Rockschool!

Take advantage of our exclusive and fantastic price deals and contact us now!!

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