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Copyright Belfast Music Academy Ltd. 2010

Registered Limited Company NI603053

Director - Thomas J Lorimer.

Belfast Music Academy

What you can expect from us, What we expect from you, and a bit of common decency!

I'm sure the idea of reading through a "terms and conditions" document doesn't fill most people with glee, but ... we have tried to keep this light, friendly and informal with a human touch!!

Let's be sensible about what music lessons actually are. A weekly slot with a professional musician and teacher. Generally we expect you to attend lesson weekly and practice in between times too. Pretty standard stuff, right? We wan to take care of your music learning journey, and most of he terms come down to basic decency. Enjoy: -

--Our Commitment to you, and your commitment to us:

We are committed to giving you the best quality music lessons in Belfast, for the most fair price and we pride ourselves in turning up on time, and professionally for you. We really want you all to succeed.

Your part in this is, you practice. By becoming our student you are implicitly and explicitly committing yourself to practice on your instrument. We will give you all the direction we can, but it's up to you to practice. Not having enough practice is not a proper reason for not coming to your lesson or cancelling.

--What we're about as a music School

We are about challenging the norms of what music education in Belfast is about, so it means that we offer a progressive syllabus focussed around you, friendly tutors, and a general very nice environment! We want to keep it this way, so...

-We don't tolerate sectarianism of any sort

-We expect decent and good conduct when you are in our studio, such as no nastiness, treat our property with care, be kind and friendly and respectful to our tutors.

We will be kind and respectful to you. No-one works for the Belfast Music Academy who doesn't have a friendly, kind and respectful demeanour along with a pleasant personality.

--Common Decency

When you cancel lessons, it has an effect on our business. it has an effect on your tutor's income. It affects the kind of service we can give you and others. If you respect and value us, you will not cancel lessons unless it's an extreme emergency.

--We must have at least 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel a lessonyou've booked (as it's just common decency). To explain this, some of our tutors come a long distance and we prepare lesson plans for you. So we need for you to turn up. Also, if you're not going to be able to turn up to your lesson, someone else can be slotted into your time-slot, but we need the notice (at least 48 hours) so we can do that.

--If you give us less than 48 hours' notice, or just don't turn up, that lesson will be charged to you, as the tutor needs to be paid.

Refund Policy

We generally don't give refunds, because you book lessons with a view to practicing, and completing a course of lessons. We keep our commitment to you and expect you will keep your commitment to us.

If Our Tutor Can't make it ...

Of course, our tutors sometimes get sick. This doesn't happen often, but, when it does happen, they will contact you, and offer you a makeup lesson. Often if you still want to come on your alotted day, you will usually have the option of a substitute teacher.

Our Syllabus

The syllabus for your lessons will be centred around your needs and desires, we will create a plan to teach you the styles and songs you like. In doing this we will sometimes need to teach you theory, scales, chords, concepts. If you wish to take a grade, the entire syllabus will be contained in the grade-work itself.

Free Lesson Policy:

If you take the free 30 minute lesson offer that we occasionally offer please note the following points:

-We give this lesson as we are able to ... it is limited to availability, and if we receive too many requests at one time, we may close it without notice.

-This lesson is valuable because we can teach you enough in a 30 minute session to last for a while.

-The deal is limited to ONE per person, if you have separate people from the one party/household who want to learn the same instrument, please bring them together.

-Please respect our time. A highly qualified professional is offering his/her time for free for the period agreed. So, please be there on time, please be respectful, and ready to learn

- when you are at the lesson, we reserve the right to tell you about the great offers we have available. Our whole purpose in giving you this free session is to show you how great we are and how well we can work together to make you a great musician!

-This offer is NOT available to use in conjunction with any other offer, such as a groupon, or any other deal we are running either by ourselves or using a third party platform.

-We reserve the right to say "no" to any free lesson, meaning, the free 30 minute session is a privilege we give freely, and can also be withheld by us for any reason.

Special deals ... and a word about third party platforms::

from time to time, we run deals with Groupon, (and/or other third party platforms) and when we do this, as the ticket is bought through Groupon (and/or other third party platforms), and not us directly, it means if you at any point need a refund, you must contact groupon (or whichever third party platform we use), and not us. 

Changes to these terms and conditions:

From time to time, we will need to make changes to these terms and conditions, and we reserve the right to do so, within reasonable limits, and any updates will be posted on this page, if you wish to keep informed of these, please do come back to this page periodically ...if you're viewing these terms and conditions in printed form, the page you need to visit is:

I'm sure you will find these reasonable rules. We love to help people, and we really want to make sure your lessons go smoothly and enjoyably! Please help us to help you! Thanks!

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