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More Info on Music Taster Course:

***You get 3 x 45 minute in person lessons, and 3 video lessons. At ONE affordable price.


***We have intentionally small group classes, so that during the 45 minutes each class lasts, each individual member of the group can get private attention from the teacher! The average size of the class is 4 -6 people with it rarely going above that. When the class reaches capacity, we'll close it! So, you can be assured of quality time with the teacher!


***The Supporting videos are specially made by us so that you can have the benefit of these reinforcing what you've learnt in the class. It's exactly like having a private tutor at home with you when you're practicing, at no extra cost. This is our secret weapon!


***During the time when we open our music taster course, we have a booking form where you can enter into your favourite time. If you have any special requirements, or anything you want to tell us, or ask us, you can do that all in the one form when you sign up for the music taster course! At this stage you will see all your options for class days/times, and be booking into the class


***You will, during the 3 week course learn at least ONE FULL SONG, and, some very valuable chords. You will learn the basics of music making. You will NOT learn more music in 3 weeks than this course.


**** You will receive a discount on further lessons (depending on the situation, either in small group lessons, or in one-to-one lessons with one of our expert tutors. Your discount is revealed on the final lesson!


£65 all in!

This deal is fantastic. Click here to check if it's available for enrolment!

All lessons with the Belfast Music Academy are subject to our Terms and Conditions!

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