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Before you Rock Out ... Please take 5 minutes below!

Groupon Registration Form

Below, you will find the page split into 2 parts:

1) Terms and Conditions

2) Registration.

Please read the first part and complete the second part, and we'll see you in the class.




Terms and Conditions for Groupon Presenting Students.

Part (1) By filling in the below form, you agree to the Belfast Music Academy's general set of Terms and Conditions. (CLICK here to read)

Part (2) By filling in the below form, you agree to the Belfast Music Academy's Terms and Conditions specifically for groupon presenting students.

Note: this course is:

-- Only for New Customers.

Age: Minimum 18, unless waiver signed by responsible adult upon joining

Guitar/Piano keyboard

For guitar students, they need to bring their own guitar / bass except in circumstances where it's impossible for you to do so.

Online Registration:By registering you are agreeing with the Terms and conditions of the Belfast Music Academy set out above and in the relevant links.

Lesson timing and cancellations

We operate a strict 48 hour notice period for any lesson which needs rescheduled or cancelled. Additionally if you have purchased the voucher entitling you to 2 lessons, they must be taken consecutively over 2 weeks.

Validity : 3 months or by the dates below if longer.

Details on the course are found at 



Please read the following first to make sure you fill in the form properly (otherwise the process will be delayed and you will need to fill in the form again).

(1) We require you to fill in the box that will allow you to specify your preferred times. Please be as flexible as possible and put ALL of the days/evenings/times you can do and when it becomes available, we will text message you, and you can be added to the class without further form filling.

(2) Please ALWAYS put a mobile number on the form. If you don't put a mobile phone number the process will be delayed.

(3) It may be necessary to occasionally withdraw a class, we will only do that on rare occasions, but please understand if we must. We will notify you by text message of any changes in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of the text above, by filling in the above, you're agreeing to what you have read. We look forward to seeing you. Please fill in this form to the best of your ability and knowledge. Thanks.

Your Name (if you are the one taking the class)

If this is a gift, please tell us the name of the person who will take the class

Home Address

Email Address

Mobile Number

Groupon Code (Important: SECURITY CODE)

Which Instrument?

Please tell us all possible times that you could come to us, so we can inform you what time slot we can offer you.

Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself

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