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Welcome to Belfast Music Academy!

Hurry now for big discounts on our Belfast Christmas Sale on Guitar Lessons, Keyboard and piano lessons and drum lessons! Contact us now to secure your discount!

The Belfast Music Academy Ltd is the place where you can learn to "Rock Out" playing your favourite tunes, but also study for a Recognised Qualification!

Learning Music just got a facelift! Our philosophy is:

"Creating Real Musicians, Playing Real Music, Really Well"!

We offer Expert Tuition in





Are you looking to learn an instrument for fun, and don't want the traditional "boring" style lessons?

We cater to different levels and ages, from beginner right up to advanced, everyone has a place at the Belfast Music Academy

Do you want to get a graded qualification in one of the instruments above, but want to do it by playing by ear, and can't bear listening to classical music?

Do you want to develop an ear for music so that you can create your own masterpieces, and play the music of others?

Then.... Belfast Music Academy is the right place for you!

Guitar Lessons in Belfast

Keyboard Lessons in Belfast

Drums Lessons in Belfast

Bass Lessons in Belfast

Rock School Grades in Belfast

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Registered Limited Company NI603053

Director - Thomas J Lorimer.

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