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Guitar Scales and Modes - video lessons

The hope is that in this free online lesson that you will get some inspiration not only to memorise the scales and mides, but also to create your own master pieces in these also.

So what we're going to do is give you a quick overview of the modes, then we're going to jump right into a lesson from arguably one of the best guitarists alive, Joe Satriani! He will show you how to put your new knowledge into perspective!

So first, here is a basic lesson to introduce you to the scales!

First learn your Pentatonic scale! It's the primary scale for playing rock or blues!

The Pentatonic Scale - The Basics

Basic instruction on the Pentatonic Scales.


Once you know the Pentatonics... Check this out - Marty Schwarz, blues teacher extraordinaire:

How to use the Pentatonic

After you have learned the Pentatonic scales, this will teach you how to play lead guitar using it!

Ok, so after you have learned how to use the Pentatonic scale, I am sure you'll be eager to learn some others for yourself! ....

Guitar Modes and Scales Lesson

Easy way to play the scales and modes!

Ok, so now that you know that.... you will be ready to get some inspiration from arguably the best guitarist in the world ... Joe Satriani. This is a 2 part lesson, remember Joe Satriani is a master, so if you can't do all that he's doing in these videos, most can't but we aspire to be this good.

So here are the 2 videos ... Enjoy

Joe Satriani - Great Guitar Lesson on 'Modes' #1

Joe showing his knowledge.Part 1 of 2

Joe Satriani - Great Guitar Lesson on 'Modes' #2

Joe shows us his knowledge.Part 2 of 2

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