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Basic Chords!

Never worry about forgetting your basic chords again

We have that covered! With permission from the good man over at we can let you have a full list of chord diagrams here, but not only that ... there is a video demonstrating all of what you are about to learn! So whatever stage ou are at in your beginning guitar journey, you'll have a handy reference here! So lets get started!

If you're really new to the guitar, then, maybe you'll want to print this out for future reference!

Scroll down to the bottom to get the video!

We also recommend you check out guitar scholar by clicking on the link!

C - Also known as Cmajor ...

Just as an aside ... any chord that just has a letter can be refereed to by the letter or the letter plus "major". In this case - "C Major" or "C"

Watch the video below for a video tutorial on how to play these chords!


Beginner chords

Courtesy of close up on guitar playing simple chords. Designed as a visual aid to supplement chord diagrams found on not as a guitar lesson in its...

more tricky and challenging chords that you will learn a bit later into your guitar journey, please check out this link ...

Where you will find a plethora of chords that will whet your appetite!

Images and Content from Guitar Scholar site used by kind permission

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