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This page will give you the links to the articles written by the Belfast Music Academy that are aimed at beginners! All articles unless otherwise noted are written by Belfast Music Academy's Director, Tom Lorimer.


Why Guitar Students Fail! Five Reasons Why People Give Up!

This article explains in very succint detail why guitar students fail, and how to make sure that you are not one of them!

Click the title to read. CLICK HERE to read and to see comments

Why Confidence Makes All The Difference in Music. Three Good Reasons to Feel The Music!

This article explains the most overlooked part in musical performance, and why so many people can play a song technically correct, but sound very very different to the way the stars play it! CLICK HERE to read and see comments

What makes a Good Beginners Course in Guitar or Keyboard?

This article explains about the good and bad courses that are out there, and what to look out for when selecting a beginners course in guitar or keyboards (or any other instrument for that matter). For our beginners course, please CLICK HERE to read and see comments

Rockschool Grades Review

Are Rockschool Graded Exams any good? In this article we seek to explain why we use Rockschool. Clue: it's all about having fun and becoming a really good musician in the process!

Psychology of Music Teaching

What motivates someone to come to music lessons in the first place? How can someone learn better? What are the psychological factors behind people learning music and learning anything for that matter?

CLICK HERE to read and to see comments

How hard is it to learn Guitar?

How hard is it? We don't really want to be told it's easy otherwise there'd be no accomplishment, and we don't want to be told it's too difficult, otherwise there'd be too much challenge, and maybe no motivation to learn, but really, how hard it it? ...

Who is the Best Guitarist in the World?

I guarantee you that somewhere right now there will be people thinking about this subject, and having vigorous arguments about it! Who is the Best guitarist in the world? Satriani maybe? How about Vai? Or even Hendrix or Vaughn? Or ... maybe just maybe Hank marvin (!) ?

Musical Practice Techniques - The Almighty Checklist!

Does your music teacher give you checklists for your practice? If so (or not) check here to find out why, and find out why it may be a good idea for you to use checklists, and in some cases why it's not so good!!

Getting started in Practicing your instrument!

So you've started lessons, very good, and well done - especially if it's with Belfast Music Academy! Now, you need to start practicing and you need to get the best from your practice schedule ... so here's help when you need it!

These articles cover everything from technical aspects of playing various instruments, to the psychological side to playing! Very interesting stuff that is sure to make you a much better musician!

To view the articles, simply click on the white link for your chosen article, and it will open in a new window!

Happy Reading!

Note: The articles will be added here just as soon as they are published. This page will have regular updates, so make sure to keep coming back for the updates!

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