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5 Amazing Reasons to Buy Music Lessons for your child

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[1] It builds his or her confidence

We have had many students come to us with anxiety, and social lack of confidence, and we have successfully helped them grow into more outgoing and confident individuals. Even if your child doesn't have anxiety, your child will grow in confidence by studying music with us.

[2] Your child gets recognised qualifications whilst having fun

We do take children through a graded syllabus, but they learn the music that they enjoy, whether it be Rock, Pop, or whatever. Our syllabus allows them to do this and avoid all the old fashioned music that they may not actually enjoy. Win Win. They get their favourite tunes and they get a recognised Trinity College London grade.

[3] Your child will improve in school, and grow intellectually

Children who study music do better in school. [source]

Children who study music have higher IQ's [source]

In our view, those are two really compelling factors why you should Contact Us Today [at the bottom of this page].


Don't leave it to the last minute, order music lessons for your child from us today, and receive a gift certificate in good time long enough before Christmas to avoid disappointment.

[5] Listen to our students

Our YouTube channel has some of our students on it, giving an idea of what can be achieved. We also like to have some fun on there :-]

Listen to what our students [and their parents] are saying, with links to the Real People:

Karen Devlin 5 star

My son Charlie had his first guitar lesson and left buzzing. Tom has a great teaching style and great with kids

Tom's a fantastic teacher. He makes lessons fun and interesting. My daughter's been taking guitar lessons from him for a few months now, but everyone she plays for assumes she's been learning for much longer. By the end of her second lesson, she was playing one of her favourite songs on guitar!

Georgia Brennan 5 star

I just had a guitar lesson with Tom and he thought me a full song within 25 mins. I really enjoyed it and I recommend that you come and try it out


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