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Recommended Products

for Beginner Keyboard/Piano students!

If you are already a student of the Belfast Music Academy . . . we can offer YOU some EXTRA special discounts on books, and Guitars and Basses and Keyboards and other equipment ... even down to plectrums! A lot more than the deals below here ... Seriously, if you're a student of ours, do let us know if you're planning to get an instrument, or a book or anything else music related and we'll try to help you out with a very respectable discount!

For those who aren't yet students of Belfast Music Academy, please enjoy the products below, you'll love them!

Rockschool grades 1-3 Piano and Keyboards (click links below)

Rockschool is about playing the styles of music you enjoy. Our specially written tunes develop the key skills, styles and techniques you need so you can play the hits of today, yesterday and tomorrow. This pack contains the tunes from Grade 1 in the Entry Zone. This is for those of you who are building up confidence in the fundamentals of playing. Includes CD with full performance of all tunes plus practice ear tests.

Click one of the links above for further information on grade 1, 2, 3 and to purchase!


(List Price: £549.00 You Save: £50.00 )

The P-85 features everything to enter this worlds rehearsal and living rooms at an entry level price. Ten different authentic sounds feed the 64 voice AWM tone generator. The built-in metronome plus the double phones jack on the front make the P-85 the ideal rehearsal partner either with or without teacher - even at times when neighbours want to sleep. And thanks to its compact shape and its light weight of nearly 12 kg the P-85 recommends itself as a (trans)portable Piano.

Close to the original.

The P-85 has an amazingly realistic sound quality usually only found in more expensive models. It features an array of commonly used sounds such as grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichords, vibraphones, and strings. Using Yamaha’s own AWM stereo sampling, the sounds were recorded directly from a variety of instruments. Each voice is recorded in stereo, and thus faithfully replicates the sound and warmth of the original instrument. And thanks to the 64-voice tone generator the P-85 won't run out of sound even in passages with heavy pedaling.

Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.

Responsive Piano action is at your fingertips with the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard. Yamaha’s GHS keyboard recreates the feel of a grand piano. This allows you seamless transition from digital practice to acoustic performance. The P-85 not only duplicates the sound of a real piano, it emulates the feel and action as well.

Highest Recommended



Part of an exciting new series of 12 instrumental instruction books. Includes complete music for all riffs, licks, hints and tips, plus easy-to-follow instructions, tips and advice. Accompanying CD allows you to listen and play along to the matching audio tracks. Sixty track CD and book pack, designed to help you play the real, down-home blues. Includes basic blues structures and techniques, original blues to jazz and rock piano, boogie, stride and walking bass styles. CD includes matching audio track to every music example in the book.


Create the boogie sounds of such great pianists as Jools Holland and Jelly Roll Morton. Develop authentic left-hand rhythmic patterns and sparkling riffs. Discover the secrets of syncopation, arpeggios, grace notes, and other essential boogie techniques. Each track on the accompanying CD is recorded twice, first with the piano, then with backing tracks so you can play the piano part.


Now you can learn Rock 'n' Roll piano! This great book and CD will add a new and exciting dimension to your piano playing, introducing you to the foot-tapping, infectious style that is Rock 'n' Roll! First learn the rhythmic patterns that top pianists use, and experiment with improvising your own patterns and riffs. Tricks such as arpeggiated triplets, accented chords and repeated chord patterns are explained, as are crushed notes, syncopation, glissandos and rolls. Then play in the style of Fats Domino, Little Richard, Ray Charles, and Floyd Cramer. Useful practice tips are given throughout. The accompanying CD enables you to hear how rock 'n' roll riffs and patterns should sound. Each track is recorded twice, first with the piano, then with backing tracks so you can play the piano part. Suitable for intermediate standard pianists.

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