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What makes the Belfast Music Academy Different?

We Do More!

Sometimes it's a bit of a gamble becoming a student of a music school, because you're maybe not that sure about what you're getting. We totally understand that. After all, you don't want to be left out in the cold with some boring notes and an out of tune guitar.

So, that's why we try to make it as easy as possible in Belfast Music Academy to play your favourite music, without all the hassle that often is associated with music learning.

7 Days a week contact with your Tutor!

So right from the start, you will be able to contact your tutor by text or email – even when you're not having your lesson on that day. The reason for this is that your tutor is not a drone who just “Clock-watches” but all of our tutors have been carefully chosen. They are excited about their instrument, They are excited about teaching, and they are excited about seeing you progress as quickly as possible. So if there is something you're confused about during the week, drop the Academy or your tutor a text or email, and we'll sort it out for you! Simple as that!

Information to Further your Playing All the Time:

Is available from Belfast Music Academy! We are always adding to our list of Articles … some longer, some shorter, but all of them have advice and assistance right from Beginner level to Advanced/Teacher level. So no matter what, we are constantly adding to the pool of helpful resources for you! We are also planning to offer Videos for your viewing pleasure, but also for helping you in between lessons – so you're getting double what you pay for! Pretty good deal! Our resources – some are available for everyone, but others are only for our students!

We're also working on some Cutting Edge Research that's going to “hack” practicing so that we will have it down to a science. This is “insider information” private for our students, worth many pounds, but free to our students! We will have the “practicing” system in place for you, so that you will be miles ahead of other students with the same experience! A very good deal indeed!


Due to our links and connections, we have access to discounts on instruments and sometimes can get you an awesome deal on an instrument. We let you know about them as you need it, just once you're a student of ours, let your tutor know if you need anything, and we typically try our best to beat the retail price, so that you'll get a good deal!

Assistance with your Instrument.

If you need new strings put on your guitar or bass, or if you need any assistance in choosing a piano or keyboard or drums, or if you need any assistance whatsoever, let us help you out, as part of your package! Should you need to meet others to jam with, we can put you in touch with other musicians!

We're very passionate about this business, and all of our tutors, as well as being highly trained, are highly motivated to help our students in any way possible!

Even if you're a beginner, you can expect a “master-class” service, at an amazing price!

Surprise Free Stuff (from time to time)

If we told you all about it, it'd ruin the surprise though! Just enjoy them as you get them!

So What are you waiting for? Contact us below!

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