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Rock, Metal, Emo and Punk Guitar and Bass Lessons!

Welcome to the Rock/Metal/Punk/Emo Class!

Here's the way it works for these lessons…

From the below lists you can pick and choose what you want to learn. You tailor a course for yourself. If there's anything not on the list that you want to be on there, then let us know. 99% of the time we can put together something for you! OK, here are the steps!

Step 1 –







Step 2 –

Your level:

-Beginner (we suggest taking the beginner course first)



Step 3 –

Grade or Non-Grade?:

If you choose to do your rock-school grades, you can do those with us no problem, just click here to read more about these.

If you choose not to do a rock-school grade, you will have more control over your course, so then you just tell us what you're interested in.

Our Influences:

These just give you an idea of the techniques we're interested in teaching to our students. You may mix-and-match from the styles below, or you can suggest one we don't have here, and we'd be willing to adapt it for you!



-Bon Jovi

-Mr Big

-Led Zeppelin

-Jimi Hendrix (see also Blues course and Jimi Hendrix Course)


-Nirvana (we also include grunge)

-Guns N Roses

-Black Sabbath

-Def Leppard

-Queens of the Stone Age


-Mr Big





-Iron Maiden

-Avenged Sevenfold


-Killswitch Engage


-Nu Metal like … P.O.D. , KORN, Limp Bizki

Punk / Emo


-Sex Pistols


-Blink 182

-The Offspring

-My Chemical Romance

-Good Charlotte

-New Found Glory

-Panic at the Disco

Up for it?

Simply give us a call (07715103753 ) or you can send us a contact form below - and we can book you in for your lessons!


(10 Week course Designed with you by an Expert for your needs in Guitar/Bass)

Price -- £205

Invest in yourself!

That's a great deal that elsewhere would cost you upwards of £320, we do it better and more cost-effectively!

So, what are you waiting for??

Contact Us Today! Use the form below to send it directly to us!

Your Rock/Metal/Emo/Punk Contact Form! What Instrument?

What Style

What would you say is your level?

Your Name

Your Contact Phone Number

Your Email Address

Anything you want to tell or ask us? Thanks!


These discounts are strictly limited both by time and by availability of tutors. We reserve the right to end the sale should we be fully booked.

Otherwise ... sale valid from now until 15 Feb 2010.

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Registered Limited Company NI603053

Director - Thomas J Lorimer.

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