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Beginner Piano Course

(although, will still be suitable if you are not a beginner)

Important Intro:

Hey, WELCOME to the course, ... here you will find samplings of how to play from the very start, right up to playing some really accomplished sounding piano. Right from DAY 1! Paste into your browser the addresses beside each lesson.

The lessons below are meant to be taken sequentially in the order in which they're laid out!

If you do this, you will have made a really excellent start on playing pop, rock, ballads, blues, rock and roll, ragtime and boogie woogie piano. 

Obviously, you won't be a master at the end of 10 lessons, but you'll quite probably get further than ANY other 10 lesson course.

Phase 1: The very basics

1) --Your First Chords

2) -- Play "Let it Be" and Pachelbel's Canon

3) -Sweet Pianistic Arpeggios

4) - First Blues/Boogie R.H. 

Phase 2: Getting More Complicated

5) Left Hand Boogie/Blues/Rock and Roll

6) Pinetop style R.H. + IMPROVISATION

7) Full Blues Scale lesson

Now, YOUR feedback:

Hey, let us know what you think :) and what you'd like to see here!!

Your Name

Your Level of Playing

What is your favourite part of this course?

What would you like to see added in future?

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